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Michal & Lana - Don't Break My Heart (CDM 2014)

01 (Radio Mix) (YT)
02 (Dance Remix)
03 (S.G. Soun'Diver Remix)
04 (Radio Mix Instrumental)
05 (Dance Remix Instrumental)
06 (S.G. Soun'Diver Remix Instrumental)

Michal & Lana - Don't Break My Heart (Single 2014)

01 Don't Break My Heart (Original Version) (YT)

Pulse Of The Beat - Try My Kisses (Single 2014)

01 Try My Kisses (Radio Mix) (YT)
02 Try My Kisses (Lips Mix)

Pulse Of The Beat - Move It All (CDM 2013)

01 Move It All (Single Version) (YT)
02 Move It All (Party Mix)
03 Move It All (Poison Beat Remix)
04 Move It All (Tom Payle Rework)
05 Move It All (Tom Payle Beachside Mix)

Pulse Of The Beat - Arrhythmic ft. Lana (The Remixes 2013)

01 Arrhythmic (Stay In Rydm Remix) (YT)
02 Arrhythmic (Tom Payle Hybrid Remix)

Pulse Of The Beat - Arrhythmic ft. Lana (CDM 2013)
pulse of the beat - arrhythmic

01 Arrhythmic (Original Mix) (YT)
02 Arrhythmic (D-Base Euromix)
03 Arrhythmic (Tom Payle Radio Mix)
04 Arrhythmic (B.M Project Eurodance Classic Mix)
05 Arrhythmic (Airplay Mix)
06 Move Move Move (Radio Mix) (YT)
07 Move Move Move (D-Base Euromix)
08 Official Lover (Radio Mix) (YT)
09 Official Lover (D-Base Euromix)
10 Arrhythmic (Tom Payle Extended Mix)
11 Arrhythmic (Tom Payle Hybrid Edit)

Pulse Of The Beat - Energy Of My Heart (Single 2012)
pulse of the beat - energy of my heart (official 2012)

1 Energy Of My Heart (X-Tentional Radio Mix) (YT)
2 Energy Of My Heart (Energetic Mix) (YT)
3 Energy Of My Heart (Back To The 90s Mix) (YT)

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